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Buildings are constructed inside a castle and augment that city's production and defensive capabilities.

New buildings are constructed on empty slots. To start construction, click on such slot in the city view and then choose which building to build. Some restriction apply, depending on the castle. For more information, check out the castle page.

The buildings that can be constructed are:

  1. Barracks Barracks
  2. Market Market
  3. Blacksmith Blacksmith
  4. Mage tower Mage tower
  5. Warehouse Warehouse
  6. House House
  7. Manor Manor
  8. Siege workshop Siege workshop

All buildings may store plunder from the city hall and need it in order to be upgraded. The amount varies depending on building type.

With the exception of the Warehouse and Market, all buildings can be demolished instantly, even during a construction project. This is not available for buildings currently being upgraded or being constructed. The cost of demolishing is always in gold, but it is actually the sum of all resources required to build, and upgrade, that building to that level, converted into gold.

Tempting as it may be to demolish buildings in the "Storm's Howl" or later on "Desert storm" castles, to reduce season duration, do not forget that those castles are a player's only safe haven.