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The castle is the main source of a player's power. It is the home for the player's armies and lords, it arms new soldiers, creates spells, stores resources and most importantly is a symbol of a player's dominance of a certain map.

Map interaction


The starting castle on the initial map

The castle occupies a region of 12 by 9 squares on the map and has an area of control of 1.


The gate of a controlled knight's keep

The owner can interact with the castle by moving an army on its gates. The gate is on the lower edge of the castle.

An enemy however can attack a castle from any point by moving inside it's area of control. Doing so, will begin a castle assault.

Castle types

Storm's Howl

The starting castle of any player is called "Storm's Howl". Any castle can be renamed, including this first one. This castle is and will forever be the only one that is completely safe from any other player.

Several buildings are already constructed in the castle so the player can quickly build weapons and armor to soldiers.

The issue with it is however that only level 3 buildings may be constructed here, with the exception of the siege workshop which can only reach level 1. Also, the mines present on the starting map only allow the castle to produce food, wood, stone and gold.

Each player will always have one and only one such castle.

Slot configuration:

  • 3x Level 3 empty slots for houses only
  • 4x Level 3 empty slots for other buildings
  • 1x Level 3 slot with barracks level 1 on it
  • 1x Level 3 slot with blacksmith level 1 on it
  • 1x Level 3 slot with marketplace level 1 on it
  • 1x Level 3 slot with warehouse level 1 on it

Desert Storm

If the player chooses to venture from the initial map to an uncharted map, it will encounter a castle called "Desert Storm". This is a non player owned castle with minimal defenses. It should be, for most players, the second castle to own.

In the current version, this second castle is also safe from any other player. In future versions however, a mechanic will be introduced that will allow another player (with considerable effort) one chance to attack and plunder this castle, but not to conquer it. Therefore, the investment a player will make in developing the castle is safe, but the resources inside will no longer be safe.

A player may choose to enter several instances of uncharted maps and in doing so conquer several castles of this type.

The mines present on the uncharted map allow this castle to produce leather, wood, stone and gold but not food.

Slot configuration:

  • 5x Level 4 empty slots for houses only
  • 6x Level 4 empty slots for other buildings that alternatively hold Level 5 houses
  • 1x Level 4 slot with warehouse level 1 on it

Knight's Keep

Eventually, all players will decide to venture to the knight domains. On each of these maps, the player will encounter a castle called "Knight's Keep". Initially, these castles are owned and defended by non player characters but this will change in time.

This castle is currently the best castle available in the game. It provides the most building slots and allows for the construction of level 5 buildings.

The mines present on the knight county allow this castle to produce any resource, including the precious gems.

Only the owner of the castle can cast the summon portal spell on the knight county map, unless the castle does not yet belong to a player.

In order to take control of the Knight's Keep castle, a player must first complete the Proof of Strenght: Knight quest. The castle can be plundered by anyone however.

Slot configuration:

  • 14x Level 5 empty slots
  • 1x Level 5 slot with warehouse level 1 on it

Castle economy

Building construction

Each castle can only work on constructing/upgrading a building at a time.

New buildings can be constructed by clicking on an empty slot and then choosing the desired building from the menu that opens. After the building is chosen, the requirements are displayed and the player can choose to accept the cost and start construction.

Existing buildings can be upgraded by right clicking on the building and choosing "Upgrade". More about building upgrade on the building page.

The construction process will progress each season until the building is complete.

Resource production

Some buildings consume and/or produce resources of various types. This process takes place once, at the end of each season. Buildings that do this are:

If a building does not have enough of the required resources, then it will not produce the promised resources that turn. Resources produced in one season cannot be used in the same season, so make sure you have enough resources for all the buildings!


Each castle starts with an available workforce of 25. This can be further increased by building and upgrading [[House|houses]. Some buildings require workers to be assigned to them in order to produce resources.

It is usually a good idea to have all the available people allocated to a building at the end of a season.

The current idle and available workforce can be seen in the city view, on the top left corner of the screen, to the right of the caste name field.

If a castle has idle workers, a special icon will be displayed next to the castle in the top bar on any screen.

Lord positions

Each castle has several open lord positions, allowing the player to recruit additional lords.

Unlike the first lord, the player cannot customize the profile of subsequent lords and can only choose from the list of available subjects. If none are present (it can happen) or you do not like them, do not worry, a new batch is produced every few seasons. New lords can be named in whatever way, as long as there isn't another lord with that name already.

New lords start with 0 skills and experience and recruiting lords will become increasingly expensive.

Lord positions for each castle type:

  • 2 Lords (one is the starting lord) for Storm's Howl
  • 3 Lords for Desert Storm
  • 3 Lords for Knight's Keep

At this time, the lord titles have no impact on the gameplay and are purely cosmetic, but that will change in the future.

Once named, a lord cannot be unnamed and costs nothing.

Attacking a castle

Successful castle assault

After a successful assault on the castle walls, the attacker will be presented with a special battle report. This battle report will contain all the usual things and 3 extra options.

One option is to just take the plunder that resulted from the assault itself, and not harm the city in anyway. This is the "gentle" option.

Another option is to "Plunder the city". If this option is chosen, all the goods from the city buildings and warehouse are forcefully extracted and converted into plunder. This includes values from the city hall, houses, blacksmith and others. These goods are then added to the loot bag visible in the battle report. These goods will not return to the castle, no matter what the attacker does. Besides the goods, all items and raw materials stored in all the city warehouses are put in the loot bag. The attacker can choose to take whatever it wants from the loot bag but items not taken will return to the city after the sacking. Any items that the attacker places in the loot bag, to make room for more loot from the castle, will not go to the city warehouses.

The most drastic option is "Take control". If this is chosen, the castle switches owners with everything inside. It is possible for a player to first plunder the city, take whatever it wants and then also take control of said city.

After the assault ends, the player has to make a decision on what to do within 180 seconds (3 minutes). After the timer expires, the castle is released and no other action can be taken without attacking it again.

If the attacking player army moves after the assault, the option to leave the city alone is automatically chosen. Also, any items in the loot bag are returned to the city (or lost if they did not originate from the city).

Castle conquest

When conquering a castle, all lords that were named in that castle and were present at its defense will join the conqueror side with all their skills, spells, inventories and any remaining troops.

The castle will become visible in the top bar.

Castle reinforcement

If the castle attacked has a protective enchantment ready or charging, then the enchantment will activate and the attacker will not be able to plunder or conquer the castle.

Losing a castle

Failed defense of a castle assault

After the defender of a castle assault was defeated the castle in question is locked until the victor decides what to do. All lords that belong to that castle and are present at its defense will also be locked.

A locked castle cannot be managed from the city view and a locked lord cannot sortie.

The lock state can be lifted when the attacker has decided to leave the castle or the time for this decision has expired.

Losing control of the castle

If the attacker chooses to take control of the castle, the castle will switch owners and the original owner can no longer interact with it (except to attack it of course).

Any lords that belong to that castle and were present at its defense will immediately switch sides and become loyal to the new owner of the castle with all the items in their inventory.

Any lords that belong to that castle and were not present at its defense will abandon their lordships and vanish from the game. All items, resources and soldiers will be lost. If the army commanded by such a lord is engaged in battle, the owner will be given the chance to complete the battle first and the army will vanish immediately after the battle concludes.