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City view of the a "Storm's Howl" castle that was renamed to "Starter town"

The city view is where a player manages all castle related activities.

The main view

Most of the screen shows the 3D representation of the city. All the buildings present in the city can be viewed there. The castle contains a road system with generally leads to some highlighted areas, called building slots where buildings can be constructed.

Clicking the left mouse button while the cursor is over a slot will open the control window for the building constructed in that slot or, if the slot is empty, will show a menu of buildings that can be constructed in that slot.

Clicking the right mouse button while over a slot will bring up a menu containing all actions that can be performed on the building on that slot. If no building is present, the new building menu will pop up.

The camera controls here are similar to those in the map view.

The resource bar

Above the main view, a player can see the raw materials stored inside that city's warehouses.

The bottom bar

The bottom bar contains a button to quickly open the city warehouse window. To the right of that button, there is the "back to map" button which will return the player to the map view. To the right of this, there is the mouse position tracker bar, which will show limited information regarding the building that the player is pointing at.

The left side toolbox

On the left side, the player can see numeric details regarding the castle.

The castle name

Right at the top, there is a field containing the castle name. The player can edit that field to rename the castle.

The city prosperity indicator

Right next to the city name, the current city prosperity is visible. That is the sum of all the plunder/goods contained in all the buildings in the city, with the exception of the city hall, and the plunder stored in the warehouse.

The city population

Next to the city prosperity, the player can see the current idle and maximum workers. For more information on this, check out the workers and castle pages.

Lord list

Below the city name, the list of already named castle lords or the empty lord positions are visible.

Clicking on an empty lord position will open the dialogue for naming a new lord.

City economic report

The next section shows the changes caused by the current building worker assignment at the end of the season. If a resource stock will increase, the value is outlined in green. If it is decreased, the value is outlined in red. For declining resource stocks, the number of remaining seasons until depletion will also be shown. Only values below 9 will be printed, but the player can see the exact value by moving the mouse over the "9+" text.

The refresh economic report can be pressed to manually refresh the report. This usually is not necessary.

City buildings list

The city buildings already constructed in the castle are listed right below the economic report.

Each building has a control button that displays the building name, icon and current level. Left clicking or right clicking on this button will have the same effect as doing so on the castle slot containing the building.

A special case is the house building. Houses will be stacked in this menu, all under a single button. The number on the button will be, in this case, the sum of the levels of all the houses in the castle. Clicking on this button, while there are multiple houses in the city, will open a quick menu that asks the player which house in particular to select. Since houses are actually passive upgrade that do not require workers or other care, the player does not really need to interact very often with them.