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Food is very important resource for the kingdom. Food has to be provided to the people in order to demand taxes.


On the map

Food basket on the map

Food can be picked up by a lord directly from the map. The food is represented by a basket filled with fruit. The type of fruit is not relevant, it is just for some cosmetic variation.

Food is present on almost all maps or quest maps.

Quest rewards

Food can also be obtained as reward from most quests.


You can purchase food from a level 1 market by using gold.


Workers assigned to work in a farm produce 10 units per season. This can be used to make a castle self sufficient.


A lord can transport in its inventory stacks of up to 10000 units.


Worker costs

Workers assigned to the blacksmith cost 1 gold and 1 food each.

Depending on what they work on, |siege workshop workers could also demand food.


Food can be sold in the market to obtain gold.


Most of the items to that can be purchased from the blacksmith also require food. More exactly:

  • Swords require little food. High tier swords do not require any food at all.
  • Blunt weapons require a lot of food
  • Arrows require quite a bit of food also
  • other items do need food but in lower amounts

If the kingdom is left without food, it's economy will soon fall.


Any building project in the castle requires food.