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Plunder is a special, morphing, resource. Depending on the entity that holds it, it can be called Plunder, Prosperity or simply Goods.

How to obtain it

It cannot be picked up from the map and is not received as reward from any quest.

Plunder is obtained by fighting, and winning, battles.

After each battle, the victor will obtain plunder based on the defeated army.

The exact formula is: For non-human enemies:

roundUp(kills * hp / 10f) + kills

For human enemies:

round( (sum(equipmentValue) + 1 ) * kills)<pre>
<pre>equipmentValue = sum( convertToPlunderValue(equipmentCost) ) ^ (1/4)

Dropping the complexity, for non-humans, the plunder value depends on the number and hitpoints of the enemies. On the humans, it mostly depends on the equipment that the enemy uses.


The plunder can be transported by the lord in stacks of maximum 35000 units.


Transferring to the castle

The lord has no use for the plunder. To use it, store it first in a castle like a regular resoruce

Conversion to goods

From the castle warehouse, the player can choose to move as much plunder as desired to the city hall. The city hall will convert the plunder to goods.

This process is irreversible.

Distribution of the goods

To distribute the goods from the city hall, right click on a building and use "Send goods from city hall" from the menu. All buildings require goods in order to get upgraded.

This is also an irreversible process

City prosperity

A city prosperity is the sum of all the goods stored in the buildings of the city, with the exception of the city hall. All buildings have a city prosperity requirement for upgrade, so, be generous.