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Welcome to Lords of the Shattered Kingdom wiki

What is "Lords of the Shattered Kingdom"


Lords of the Shattered Kingdom is, for the most part, a real time strategy massive multiplayer online role playing game. The game is currently in early access (open alpha version).

Players begin with a castle and a lord which is a commander for an army.

There are three main interfaces:

  • The map view that allows the player to explore the land by moving the armies, interact with other entities, initiate battles etc. Actions here happen in real time.
  • The city view that allows the player to manage a castle. Development actions here happen in cycles called seasons.
  • The battle view is the tactical map for any engagement. The battles are turn based.


Most of the raw materials in Lords of the Shattered Kingdom are produced by having an army collect them directly from the map or as rewards from completing quests. These materials are stored in the army inventory and deposited in the castle warehouse when the army returns.

A castle can produce a small amount of raw materials each turn by assigning workers to a manor building, but mostly the castle will use resources to produce soldiers, spells, siege weapons or to construct/upgrade buildings.

Weapons and armor are, generally, bought from a castle blacksmith but can also be obtained from quests. They are used to either equip new soldiers or to the lord, enhancing its fighting power.

spells are produced by a mage tower inside a castle or received as reward from a quest. Some spells are only available as quest rewards.

[[Item|Special items] can be received as rewards from quests. These can be traded or used to perform special actions.

Game area

The map view is where the main game area is viewed from. The land that can be explored by the player is structured into maps or islands. There are two types of maps, persistent and not persistent. Persistent maps are permanently altered by the actions of a player. Non persistent maps are generally spawned by quests and usually disappear once the mission is completed.

Travel between two persistent maps is done by using portals. These create a connection between two maps allowing the player to travel.

Travel between a persistent and a quest map happens by the corresponding quest marker.

The initial map where the player is spawned is a persistent map. For each new player, there will be a new such map. There are no portals that will allow another player to teleport to this map, so the player is completely safe on this starting area.

After the initial map, the player may choose to travel to a uncharted map or to a bloodbath island. Every time a portal opens to an uncharted map, a new map of that type is created for that player. Just as with the initial map, no other player can access this second one, so the player is still safe (*note: this is planned to change in a future version, allowing some players to enter the map, under certain conditions). The bloodbath island is the first place where players might interact. Even if there are multiple instances of the same map, the instances are shared and players might end up on the same map. There are 6 such maps, each containing a quest giver, connected by portals that form a chain.

The uncharted map or the last of the 6 bloodbath islands contain a portal that connects to a knight county. There are only 10 instances of these maps on the entire server, they contain the most resources, the best quests and the best castle. Players have to compete and fight for the ownership and control of these islands.

In the current version, there are no other maps beyond the knight county, but more are to be added in later versions.

Player interaction

Players can interact on one of the bloodbath islands or knight counties. The only interaction at this time is to engage in battle or to steal resources from enemy owned mines.

A player may choose to attack another player's army or castle. Armies can be attacked either directly or by looking them up inside a quest map. Generally, only online players can be attacked, but there are exceptions.

For future versions, alliances are planned to be introduced as well as direct and indirect player trade.

Demo version

Purchasing the game through the Steam store page grants full account status to any accounts created or linked to that Steam account.

Users can however download a demo version from the demo Steam store page, or receive a demo copy by other means. Any accounts/identities created from such a version will be demo accounts.