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What is a season

Seasons are economic cycles.

The production of goods as well as payment for the running costs of buildings are paid at the end of each season. Building project progress also each season.

It, generally, is in the players advantage to end a season as soon as possible, but there are a few exceptions.

How does a season end

A season ends when the player presses the "End season" at the top left side of the screen. Obviously, the player needs to be online to do that.

Season timer

Each season has a fixed length, based on a multitude of factors. At the beginning of a season, it's length is calculated based on the production of the previous season. The time then passes, until the timer reaches zero and the season can be ended. This timer goes by even if the player is offline. Even if not visible, and most of the times not relevant, the timer can reach negative values. This can be used to avoid quest canceling penalties

Influencing the season timer

Besides the passage of time, there are a few other ways of reducing (or increasing) a season timer. All of these changes only affect the current season timer.

Quest completion

Completing quests will sometimes reduce the time remaining of a season.

The amount is visible in the quest details as "Kingdom management time bonus".

If no amount is visible, there is no bonus.

Quest canceling (or failing)

Canceling (or failing) quests will sometimes increase the time remaining of a season.

The amount is not visible, but usually is 10 to 100% more then the bonus time.

Only quests that give bonus time have penalties.


Battles also reduce the remaining season time. The time bonus is 30 seconds + 1 second for every 100 experience (of any type) received in battle.

Calculating the season length

The player will notice that initially the season is very short, but it will grow in time. As the kingdom grows, so does the timer. The exact math is this:

Start by adding 22.5 seconds for every owned castle. For every building, add 15 seconds + 9 for every level of the building, and multiply by (0.25 + filledJobs), where filledJobs is a number that depends on the building type.

The math looks complicated but, to sum up:

  • It is better to upgrade buildings then to build new buildings.
  • If workers are not needed in a building, removing them and letting them idle will reduce the season time.
  • For most buildings it is better to upgrade and not fill all the jobs then to maintain full workers at a lower level.

Automatic season ending

It might help the player to end the season as soon as possible. For this purpose, the player can click the toggle next to the end season button and set it to on. The game client will automatically "click" the end turn button as soon as it is available.

Sometimes, it is better to not end the turn and wait for a bit. For example, the player may be in a fight and suspect (or know for sure) that the lord will fall or has already fallen. In this case, after the fight the lord will end up with 0 health points and not be able to move at all. It would be a good idea to cancel the auto end season so that, after the battle is over, the player can end the season and restore some health to the lord. Another situation would be when the player notices that there are not enough resources for the current season, or not all people are assigned, and this situation can be remedied soon, but not within the remaining time. Canceling the end season, fixing the issues and then re-enabling it is a good idea.


It is important to not feel pressured by the timer running down.

It is in the players advantage that the timer runs down as soon as possible. Nothing forces the player to end the season until it is ready!